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Here are a few:

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Several about the intelligence of water by Veda Austin

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Speaking to the Water – How to tap into the magic and mystery of water. A powerful story from Pat McCabe, a Navajo and Lakota activist.

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Healing Waters

Loving Waters


I recently read an article by David Spangler, where he invited everyone to join him in a Loving Minute each day. I LOVE this simple way to send love and gratitude to the planet.

Here’s a link to the article.

David will be doing this at noon PST, so you can join him then, or have your minute at noon wherever you are. There is power in group intentions, but no matter what time you do this, you will be joining with others somewhere on the planet. You can also do this just for the waters.

Water has Memory

Research physicists from the University of Stuttgart claim “water has memory” retaining an imprint of what it’s been exposed to. They invited participants to the research facility and passed out samples of the same water. They had each one place a drop of water on a plate at the same time. They found each individual produced a different image of water, though it all came from the same source. The water image was similar if it came from the same individual, but samples were different from different individuals.

Carrying the study further, they placed a daisy flower in a glass of water. Every drop of water in the glass produced the same image – “daisy flower water.” However, when they put a Sweet William Flower in the water, the image was dramatically different from the daisy water. They felt water must pick up information as it moves along so they sampled water at the source of the Rhine and at it’s end. The water samples were different, with more imagery at the end than at the beginning. The scientists concluded that the waters of the world contain massive amounts of information. When we drink this water, we are sampling a global storehouse of information.

Consider that the human body is 70% water. The water we drink has the power to unite us in a consciousness that while not obvious, must be considered.

Water Asks for Help

From David Spangler – former co-director of the Findhorn Foundation, the spiritual community in Scotland that is famous for their work with the nature spirits. He currently is head of the Lorian Foundation. This happened to him in the fall of 2013 and he posted it on Facebook then.

“PRAYER REQUEST FROM THE WATER OF THE WORLD — I’m posting the following story at the request of a water spirit I encountered four or five days ago. I haven’t had an experience quite like this one before. I had just filled a glass with water from the tap, and as I was lifting it up to drink, there suddenly appeared in the water in the glass a small being that identified itself as a water spirit. It spoke with great urgency and passion and said, in effect, “When you use water, please send loving, healing, and uplifting energy (Light) to the kingdom of the water spirits for many of our kind are suffering and are under siege from the continuing and increasing pollution of water by humanity. We need your support and blessing from which we can draw strength.”

This was a heartfelt appeal, and I had an image of water spirits in rivers and in the ocean trying to cope with the disruption of their environment by all the ways we are polluting the water. I felt a concern on the part of this little being that there could come a time when pure or drinkable water would be a rarity, and all life would suffer. The sense I had was that many water spirits were weakening under the onslaught of the toxicity that human beings dump into their realm–not that they are poisoned themselves but that their contact with the water is weakened and they are driven back, so to speak, unable to make full connection with the water they serve … it’s hard for me to explain.

But the request seemed to suggest that if we sent love and Light and gratitude and good subtle energies to the spirits of water, that they could draw on that to renew their strength and energy in trying to keep the etheric and energetic qualities of water clean and strong. As I said, I’ve never had an experience quite like this. I’m not an alarmist, but the appeal of this being was so heartfelt that now whenever I pour myself a glass of water or take a shower or bath, I tune in to the realm of water spirits and elementals and offer my Light and blessing and strength. I’m passing it on should you like to do the same.”