H2O News

Change happens first in the etheric realm – you must see it and hold the intention for manifestation in the physical. This is what we do each month on our Global Water Healing calls. We can’t know how or the ways that this change will happen, but holding the vision for perfection sets change in motion. People are inspired and supported in creating new technologies or solving issues affecting water because of our monthly gatherings.

Things are changing in the world and there are many GOOD NEWS stories about the waters of our planet. ¬†We’d like to share some of these with you.

Please send any good news stories that you find to mg@rockisland.com and we’ll post them here.

High Seas Treaty

Pacific reefs are receiving quickly

Fishermen are paid to collect plastic in Indonesia

Kelp forests are growing at lightening speed

Quarter million pounds of plastic removed

Baltimore plastics recovery

Great Barrier reef recovery

Enlarged marine protected area

Latest success from Ocean Cleanup

Machine that filters out red tide

Sea cleaning sailboat that eats plastic

Scientists show that water has memory

Ocean Cleanup bring plastic to shore

Robot that delivers baby coral to ocean reefs

The Ocean Cleanup Project – Mission One Completed

Divers clean up trash

West coast Fishery rebounds

Plastic cleanup

Australian water filter nets

Women in India save a river

Stopping the flow of plastic to the ocean

Removing micro plastics

Dam removal successes

Fisherman removes plastic

Billionaire donates 2.7 Billion for ocean cleanup

Floating islands convert CO2 from water

Reasons to feel hopeful

Water rights as personhood

Banning harmful chemicals

Reviving lakes

Marine protection in Belize

Reefs making a comeback

Ocean Net cleanup