Healing Methods

There are many ways to facilitate healing of our planets’ water. We will lead you in a variety of guided meditations on the first Friday of every month. In between those group gatherings, you can continue the work on your own or with family and friends, church or meditation groups, organizations or business. The more humanity is focused on this – the quicker things will change! 

  • Get into a meditative state. See yourself on the shore of a body of water, or yourself in the water. Send love and healing energy to the water, holding the intention that this love will help the water to reach a state of perfect balance and harmony. See the water lighting up with this vibrant healing energy.
  • Work with any guides or angels to enlist their help in clearing and charging the water with light and love. Ask these beings for insight into ways that you can enhance your healing rituals to be most effective and request that they protect the waters from further harm.
  • Connect telepathically with the whales and/or dolphins. Ask them to help you in sending healing energy to the waters.
  • Physically go to a body of water: stream, lake, pond, ocean, bay, river – whatever is nearby or close to your heart. Call in any healing energy that you work with (universal, Reiki, other types) then allow that energy to flow from you to this body of water. You can also do this mentally from home by holding a vision of this place and seeing the healing energy flowing from you to it.
  • Imagine yourself in the water and that you can breathe and see perfectly without any equipment. Go on a tour of the water and see that everything is in balance, full of vibrant life and perfect health. Hold this vision for as long as you can.
  • Practice Ho’oponopono – the ancient Hawaii healing method.  Just think of the water and then say, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” Keep repeating this as long as you like. By doing this, you are healing that place in you that has contributed to the issue on many levels.
  • Connect with devas and nature spirits to enlist their help in clearing, cleaning and holding the vision of healthy, clean waters that are vibrant and full of life. Ask them what else we can do to facilitate healing.
  • Fill a bottle or jar with water, to represent all the waters on planet Earth. Hold this water throughout any mediation to infuse it with love and positive intentions. Continue meditating and charging this water for just 5 minutes a day, every day to keep the love and intention flowing and growing. When you can, pour some of this charged water into a natural body of water. It will expand and heal whatever it reaches.
  • Empower a 7 day candle with the intention that as that candle burns, healing loving energy will flow from the flame to raise the vibration and health of all water. Light the candle and remember that wish every time you look at it.
  • Include water healing meditations and rituals in any gatherings you attend. There is great power in numbers.
  • Offer healing prayers and blessings.
  •  Use your voice to tone and musical instruments to send healing sounds into the sea or other bodies of water.
  • Visualize millions of hearts joined together, monthly and daily, all contributing to this healing for the planet’s waters!

Here is a water blessing from Creeksong-

WATER – A Blessing and Re-Awakening

Most water we come into contact with has forgotten Itself. Used by humans, and then poured back into septic systems, sewers, rivers, soils, lakes, oceans–it has lost an elemental memory of its essential role in LIFE.

When you drink a glass or bottle of water, Waterʼs connection to its own consciousness is already weak, as it has not traveled in a normal way for some time. Pollution with thoughts, emotions, and chemicals is yet another way that Water can forget Itself.

This blessing will help ANY aspect of Water remember Itself, no matter the form you choose to assist. It begins with a “wake-up patting” that is done with one hand, open and making full contact** with the body being blessed. In case of a glass of water, you can pat the glass itself, sending the blessing through the glass. (And, even more ideally, waking up the glass at the same time.)

This “wake-up patting” has a specific cadence that is oft used by white witches on “inanimate” objects to remind them that they are NOT. The cadence itself is a powerful ceremony due to frequent repetition of use. To understand it, think in terms of a musical beat:  1-2-(3)-(4)-5 = pat-pat-pause-pause-pat

Just after the patting, speak this ancient Taoist healing sound directly to Water:   choooooo chooooooo choooooo

This not only calls Water’s consciousness back to HerSelf. It will also bring back all the invisible beings that attend her, who may have left with her consciousness.

Then speak these words directly to Water, waiting to ʻfeelʼ her connection between phrases:  Awaken to LIGHT. Remember WHO you ARE! Remember your POWER!

At this point, remind Water, using words and strong visual images telepathed to Her of all the paths She travels, of the beings that live within Her many body forms, of Her amazing beauty on this Earth and in your life! Thank Her. Appreciate Her.

**(Folks familiar with long distance healing can pat a glass of water at home, and send the healing to any forms or bod(ies) of water they choose.)

With thanks to Orion Foxwood, whose teaching this idea sprang from.