The Global Water Healing Meditation was started in June of 2014 in response to a call for help from Granny, an orca elder and good friend of animal communicator, Mary J. Getten.  Since 2010, Granny has been saying that the water needs our help and that the whales and dolphins can no longer keep it in balance on their own. You can read more messages from Granny in our Messages section.

Mary J. Getten has been facilitating an annual water healing ceremony for many years but in 2014 Granny told her that it is not effective to only do it once a year. Mary started the monthly call to create a community of people who are dedicated to healing the waters. By having many different leaders facilitate the calls, we are given a variety of healing methods to work with. It is important that each of us develop methods that we can do daily and share with others. Granny has said that it will take a million people focusing on the water every day, seeing it healthy and clean, vibrant and full of life, for us to create this reality. She also said that it is working!

Together we can create miracles!!

Facilitators –


Mary J. Getten – Retired animal communicator, teacher, author, trip leader             www.marygetten.com

Linda Shay – Dolphin Ambassador, dolphin energy healer, teacher, author       www.DolphinHeart.World

DavidDavid Rosenthal – Dolphin channel and energy healer, teacher           www.DolphinHeart.World

Donna KassewitzDonna Kassewitz – Dolphin researcher, healer           www.speakdolphin.com

shoshana2 A

Shoshana Avree – Shaman, healer                                                     www.shaman-inspirit.com


Anne Gordon Dolphin energy healer, Whale and Dolphin trip and retreat leader, founder of Cetacean Summit             www.WhaleandDolphinWisdomRetreats.com



Takara Shelor – Author, speaker, dolphin meditation leader             www.magnificentu.com


Frédérique Pichard – Healer, dolphin ambassador, trip leader, author, teacher                                                                                       www.institutdony.com

madeleine author pic 3

Madeleine Walker – Animal communicator, author, healer, teacher     www.madeleinewalker.co.uk


Carol Wentz RandaciCarol Wentz Randaci – Dr. of Chinese Medicine.


Laurie ReyonLaurie Reyon – Animal communicator, author, healer, teacher      www.lauriereyon.com


Carla Meeske – Shaman, Animal communicator, healer, teacher              www.spirithealer.com



Linda Gareh-Applegate – Energy healing and channel channelgarehapplegate@gmail.com


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMuriel Lindsay – Healer, teacher, writer and friend of many dolphins http://muriellindsay.com




Kai Altair – Teacher of active dreaming, shaman, musician




Creeksong – Teacher of Nature communication, shaman



DSC_1826 croppedBonnie, Dolphin Ambassador – Photographer, film producer www.bonniedolphinambassador.com



Mare Cromwell – Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, author & healer


Camilla Blossom Bishop – Alchemist, healer, teacher & author  www.naturespiritalchemy.com 


Jillian Rutledge – Conscious Breath Coach, Freediving instructor & dolphin guide  www.jillianrutledge.com


Shelley Darling – Resonance Mentor, Master Dowser and Loving Waters Council Guardian  www.LovingWaters.life



Elizabeth Rogers – Loving Waters Guardian Council  www.LovingWaters.life



Gentle Thunder – Medicine Woman, Sacred Water Carrier and Earth guardian www.gentlethunderjourney.com



Joebaby Noonan – Leader of water ceremonies and wild dolphin retreats.  www.dolphinwhisperer.org



David Spangler – Spiritual explorer, mystic, teacher & writer  www.Lorian.org



Pratima Freeman – Planetary healer and psychotherapist  www.healingconversations.net



Saskia Bosman – Biologist and consciousness teacher.



Rebecca Barry – author, storyteller and intuitive coach