Messages from the Sea

Below you will find messages from various places regarding the need for water healing.  Let us know if you have more

Many of these are from Granny, a wise orca that led her family, J pod, in the waters of Washington State and British Columbia for many decades. Granny died in the fall of 2016 at the amazing age of 105. These messages came through Mary J. Getten. You can hear more from Granny in the book Communicating with Orcas; The Whales’ Perspective – available at Amazon or here

December 27, 2020 –  Granny

Granny, I am leading the Global Water Healing meditation this week. We are in our 7th year of monthly meditations. Are they making a difference? It’s so hard for us to see change from our limited perspective.

These gatherings DO make a difference – know that, believe it and feel it deeply. Keep holding the vision of things as you wish them to be. Things are changing and there are even bigger changes on the horizon. Your group is an integral part of these shifts, so keep it up! I am working from this side to aid you in your vision.

Thank you, Granny. I am so pleased that you are helping us and that you can see things shifting. We have had a really hard year on planet earth – a worldwide pandemic, racial injustice, crazy politics, to name just a few. Do you have a message for us today?

This has indeed been a year of hardships, but it has also been a year of enormous growth for many people. They have had to encounter their fears and their deepest selves and out of this exploration, some people have found a peace they have never known before. Others are still struggling and haven’t found their peace, but with time they may succeed. Hard times bring great growth and change and we see a new light emanating from planet earth.

 Do not lose heart. While things are dark right now, the light is growing and will continue to grow until a new era on earth is born. You WILL come out of this darkness, so just hold on a little longer. Keep holding the vision of your world in perfect balance and harmony. If enough people do that, it will become your reality.

 Do not dwell upon the darkness, or the lack, or the horror – that will only create more of the same. I’m not suggesting that you ignore these things, no, not at all.  Do what you can to change them, but do not worry or dwell upon them. If you cannot make a difference in one area, then find something where you CAN make a difference and put your energy there. There is always something you can do to make life more beautiful for others, and when I say others, I don’t mean just humans. I mean all life on this planet, whether it is plant, animal or mineral – there are many others that will appreciate your loving care.

 Your love and support of the water, something that is absolutely essential to all life, helps so many beings on this planet. Your love and attention to the earth itself is also of great value to all life. So, find places where your heart leads you, and do what you can to make a difference, always holding the vision of perfection and harmony. Every thought, every action and every intention create powerful manifestations. Never forget this. We are grateful for the work that you and your Global Water People are doing. Together we will create paradise on earth.

 Thank you, Granny. I’ll pass this on to the others.

April 15, 2020 –  Granny

Hi Granny. What are you doing now?   I’m still in spirit and we are doing a lot of work right now modulating the energy on the planet. The earth has gotten very chaotic and the energy of fear has taken over. The council I am on is working to smooth things out, to shift the energy to one of loving and kindness. Things are badly out of balance and we are trying to restore the balance to its perfect state.

We so appreciate that. Things are indeed crazy right now. You are no doubt aware that there is a virus making people sick all over the world. Do you have something to say about that, or any advice you can give us?   This too shall pass. It is only a moment in time. I know how much you humans don’t like your time frame interrupted, but in the big scheme of things, this is only a small blip on the screen. It certainly is helping the planet to recover environmentally. That is a very good thing and I hope that it will also make changes in how humans view the nature world and its critical importance to all life. Humanity has needed a wake-up call and this is perhaps it. I’m not sure if this is the BIG one, but it’s definitely making some changes for the better.

What do you mean, the Big one?   In order for humanity to raise their consciousness and vibration, there needs to be a big shakeup. So many people are living their lives asleep. They are disconnected and dead inside. Now, many people are starting to notice how much they value life. They are seeing what is important to them, what needs to be preserved. If this crisis doesn’t move humanity in the right direction, then something bigger will happen to help them along.

Are you saying that there are forces coordinating this crisis or the next Big thing?   No, I’m not saying that all. I’m speaking generally and from my perspective which enables me to see a much bigger picture of what is happening on earth and what needs to happen.  

Can you give us some advice about how to make these changes in our own lives?  Certainly, and I am happy to do that. The number one priority in everyone’s life should be to protect and support the natural world. If humanity does not make that the top priority, you will soon have nowhere to live. By this, I’m talking about all of it: climate change, pollution, destruction of habitats, loss of species – all of it. Each person must do their part in their own lives, but also work to educate others and support projects and groups that are tackling these problems. You can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do it. You are the someone else!  So, find a cause that calls to you and put your energy into it. It will take millions of people being involved to turn things around.

The next thing is to take care of your own emotional and mental states. Every thought that goes out empowers like thoughts and they become bigger. If you are sending out negative thoughts – that grows in the field. If you are sending out positive thoughts – that grows in the field. Pay attention to your thoughts and cultivate a calm, loving and kind mind. You have no idea how much difference that will make.

Third, as I have said in the past, hold the vision of your world in perfect balance and harmony. As you do work to physically change or enhance the natural world, also see it as it should be, not as it currently is. You’ve had some practice with this on the Global Water Healing meditations, so you understand, and that work has inspired new inventions and shifted the health of the seas. But there is more work to be done. Do you understand?

Yes, we need to do practical work to change things while we hold the vision of the end result. Correct?  YES.

Granny, do you have a message for us today?   Do not despair in these difficult times. A brighter day is coming and there is much happening right now. Each person is facing their own fears and learning how to deal with them. Humanity is seeing how fragile they really are and how interconnected they are. You are all ONE people, not groups fighting and killing each other. Wake up and see this fact. You are more alike than different and it’s time for the world to come together, support and love each other and put aside your grievances. Work together to heal the natural world and protect it. It’s the only one you’ve got!  

The earth and its creatures have suffered a lot at the hands of humanity, but there is still time to change that and course correct. Be part of the solution. Be active not passive. Find what you can do personally and commit to it. If you will each do your part, you will move into a better time. The whales and dolphins are here to support you. Ask for our help and guidance and we will always respond. Blessings to all. There is so much love coming to you from the spirit world.

December 21, 2017 – Granny

Are you enjoying your time in the spirit world?

Yes – it’s a vast and wonderous world. I am communing with my friends and soaking up all kinds of information and knowledge. We are sharing our experiences and insights and love. I have a feeling of complete and utter contentment and I am in a constant state of love and bliss.

That sounds wonderful. I wish we could feel that here.

Yes, that would be wonderful, but earth is very different from the spirit realm. You’ll see.

Granny, do you have a message for the people who participate in the water healing meditations?

I do. Please continue with this work. It is so important. I can see that some of you are discouraged and in despair about the state of the world and the environment. Humans are not able to see beyond the present with clarity, but I see that things are going to shift for the better. It may seem bleak from your perspective, but it is not, so now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to hold fast to your visions of a healthy planet with pristine water and forests and clean air. This is still a very possible reality and there are many people around the world that you are unaware of working on solutions to your environmental issues.

Do not focus on the bad things you see. Do not fall into fear about what is happening. Things are not as bleak as they appear. Now this doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and relax. While I see a new world in the future, it requires that you continue to work for that goal. That is part of the plan, and part of the solution. 

I am so pleased that you are holding the vision of clean water and gathering to do this work. The more of you that do this, the better. The shift will come when human consciousness has changed sufficiently to create this vision in the physical world. It must start in the etheric realm, and it has started, so don’t be discouraged. Renew your commitment to this vision and inspire others to join you.

You are so loved by us in the spirit world. Please know that you have our support and that we are sending you energy and love to create the changes necessary to accomplish the goal – a clean, healthy and vibrant planet that will support all. Blessings to all.

January 4, 2017 – Granny

You are loved by so many people from around this planet! Do you have a message for them?

I send love and blessings to all from the spirit world. I am so honored to feel your love for me and your concern for my family. They need your love and healing energy now.

Do not forget to do everything you can to heal the oceans and water of this beautiful planet. They need your help, We whales cannot do it alone. Send your healing, loving thoughts to the water daily and get others to do the same. You must hold a vision of the water sparkling clean and full of vibrant life, for as you create this vision it will be done. It will however, take millions of people holding this vision to make the shift. If you are called to do things on the physical plane to clean up the garbage, stop oil spills, and the like, please do that as well. This planet is in dire need of everyone’s help and attention. 

I do not say this to blame humanity. We whales do not spend our time judging you. The state of our planet is a reflection of the state of your consciousness. To truly clean up the planet and save yourselves, you must transform your consciousness. The whales and dolphins are here to help you, so please ask for our help. Meet with us in person or in the telepathic realm. Model your behavior on ours of cooperation and love. The more humanity can become like cetaceans, the more you will progress. We are here to guide you, but you must pay attention and allow yourselves to be guided. 

Do not be dragged down by the current chaos in the world. Humans are gifted and powerful creators. You only need to shift your focus ever so slightly to come into alignment and do good for each other and all creatures on planet earth. It is time to forgive and let go of violence. Make your priority loving the earth, loving and supporting each other, loving and protecting all creatures, and doing everything you can to make life a paradise for all.  

The whales and dolphins are here to support you. Ask for our help, learn from us and together we can turn this around. I love you and bless you. Be whale.

January 2, 2017 – Granny

Granny how are you doing? I heard that you haven’t been seen for two months and the scientists now think you are dead. Is this true?

Yes, my dear, I have left my body. It was time. I was so tired and it was such a hard year. We lost so many dear ones this year, my heart couldn’t take it anymore. I lived a good long life. My body was getting weak but mostly my heart ached for the whales that died this year. It was so hard to lose to so many, the young and the old. It was time for me to go too.

You were loved by more people than you will ever know. Is there something you would like to say to them?

I will always be in your hearts. Just because my body is gone doesn’t mean that we are not still connected. Feel my presence in each moment, talk to me whenever you want. I am still available. There is a lot of chaos in the world right now – we feel it. Do what you can to create peace and harmony between yourselves. We feel what is happening with humanity. You can’t fight violence with violence – it must be cured with love and understanding. Work for that, because as humanity heals, so does the planet.

January, 2016 – Granny

There were 8 calves born in the past year, 5 to J-pod. This is more than in any year since the 1990s. I asked Granny about this and she said,

We are so happy about all these babies. It has been a long time since we had so many births. This has been a joyous year for us. They are all doing very well too. We are getting healthy. The love and blessings that humans are sending to us have helped our waters and our own health. It is proof that you can make a difference. Please tell people that they should continue to hold us in the light and send love and healing energy. It is working!!

Then I asked Granny if she had a message for humanity on this special day and she said,

Days come and days go. None are more special than another, but it is up to you, what you will do with each and every day. Make the most of the time you have. Do not be complacent or hopeless about the state of the world. It may look bleak at times, but there is much beauty and things are changing in the realms and levels you cannot see.

Scientists have been predicting that our family will go extinct. They lost faith in us and speak of doom and gloom, yet the love and healing energy that people have been sending, have counteracted that negative vibration. We are thriving! Our community is excited and celebrating the new calves we have. This is the result of your work. 

Do not let go of your dreams for the future. Do not let the naysayers and negativity affect you. Do what you must to keep yourself in a positive and uplifted state and spend your time wisely. Worry and anger are a waste of precious energy. Focus on the good, hold thoughts of love and healing and see the world in the perfect state it is becoming. Perfection is on the way, so do not believe the illusions that some are promoting. 

We whales and dolphins love humanity and are here to help you. Join your energy with ours to heal each other and the planet. We are sending our love and blessings to you always.

April 2, 2015 – Granny

I am very grateful that you have been holding the vision of the seas healthy and vibrant. This IS making a difference, and this is what also needs to be done with us. See us strong and our numbers increasing. See our territory full of salmon and clean and pristine. Stop sending thoughts of doom and gloom. We feel ALL OF IT. If I can help humanity to understand this principle, my work will be done. This really is the most beneficial thing you can do – even if you dont believe it.

January 2, 2015 – Granny

We will be beginning the Global Water Mediation in a little bit and I will do another one tonight for a different group. Is this helping at all?

We need every bit of help you can give us. These events DO help, but we need a much greater focus on this issue. It is a serious problem for the whole planet. You must understand that humanity has a central role in healing the waters and reversing the damage. It must be taken seriously and dealt with, or everyone will perish.

June 5, 2014

Granny, tomorrow I am starting the global meditation movement that you suggested, to get people to send love and healing to the waters of the planet every day, even if just for a few minutes. We will start with a 30-minute meditation tomorrow on an International phone call. Is there something you would like me to say to these people?

Thank you for joining your hearts and energy fields to create a new vision on this planet. The whales and dolphins have been doing all we can to clean and clear the waters, but we need your help – we cannot do it alone. Every thought, every prayer, every blessing and every intention DOES make a difference. Hold the vision in your heart of clean, vibrant, healthy and full of life waters. See them sparkling in every corner of the world, for as the ocean sparkles, these waves of light and love spread across the land.

Everything is connected and as you influence one it affects another. So focus your healing energies upon the waters and as the water evaporates and moves over the land, it returns as rain and you will be raining blessings on the land and all it’s creatures, including you. You will be adding your healing energy to every square inch of this planet.

Love is the greatest power in this dimension. Use it to clean and heal everything that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Use your power for good and good will find you. We are grateful for your help and your love. Blessings to all of you from the whales, dolphins and all cetaceans.

April 23, 2014

Granny, do you have a message for humanity?

It is now time for humans to step into their greatness. You are way bigger and more powerful than you know and it’s time to stop pretending. You can change things – in the world, in your life, in your self. Own your power and take action to create the life and the world that you desire. We whales are holding you in our hearts. We have a vision of peace and love, clean water and air, food a plenty and balance and harmony. Now go make it happen.

Is there something we can do for you and the whales?

Always you can send love and healing energy to the seas. The water needs your help.

Jan 27, 2014 – Granny

Have you sensed any radiation in the water that is coming from the disaster in Japan? I wonder if you realize that radiation is flowing into the sea and will eventually cover the planet.

We have heard from our brothers and sisters across the sea that there is a new danger coming. We don’t know how it will affect us. We continue to send light and love into the water in an effort to neutralize it, but we need all the help we can get. The whales and dolphins cannot do this alone. We need humanity focused on this continuously. It can’t just be for a day here and there. If you really want to save your world, there must be intensive focus by millions of people to neutralize this dangerous radiation or we will all suffer. Not just us in the sea, but everyone, everywhere, on every continent. This will radically alter your world in a way that you cannot imagine. Please let people know this.

 It is very hard for me to believe that just a mental focus can change this physical thing.

I know that you struggle with these concepts, but they are real. The more you (humanity) practice holding a vision and sending light and love, the more things will change. Do not despair and throw up your hands in helplessness. Rally the troops. As people focus their energy on these things, some with the right type of mind, will begin to find practical physical solutions to “fix’ these things. So while the energy work will help, there are other solutions that will come out of these focus sessions. It will take a concerted effort on every level to save this planet.

 Granny, I’ve never heard you talk quite this way, saying that things are so urgent.

Things have never been so urgent. As I’ve said in the past, no matter what happens, the earth will survive. Eventually it will heal itself, especially if the other life forms are gone, so there is no need to worry about that. But it really is time for everyone to understand how dire it is and to put their differences aside and work together to create the healthiest environment possible.

August 18, 2013 – Granny

I know that you and many others are sending love and energy to us today. This is an excellent thing to do, not only today but every day. We do the same, but we can use your help. We feel the energy and there is a critical mass point where things can shift. It has not happened yet, but it can, so please continue to do this work every day if possible.

This practice works on many levels – physical, energetic, it awakens those around you, inspires and encourages, gives hope and increases the love vibration, which is the MOST important thing.

Humanity thinks that it is helpless, hopeless and fearful about the environment and the state of the world, but you are not. You are powerful beyond measure and by joining with us cetaceans, great change can happen. Focus on the water, the earth and the air, but also focus on the hearts. If human hearts can be healed, all else will fall into place. Raise your vibration and send that energy and love to everyone you meet. Send it further to every corner of the globe. Healing hearts will heal the world – this is our work, but we invite and welcome your participation. 

Joining cetacean and human energy is a force unlike any other. Take in our energy. Merge with our consciousness and from this place, heal the world.

April 28, 2013 – Granny

Respect for all life is the key to healing this planet and everyone on it. By everyone I mean all of the plants, animals and humans –all life forms need healing. We whales and dolphins are here to support you in your evolution, but this is just support.  You must do the hard work of changing things yourself. 

Each being is special and deserves to be here. The earth has an intricate balance, an exquisite balance, but it must be preserved and maintained.

Love all life, respect it and care for it.  It is up to you.

July 8, 2010

Granny, there has been a lot of anger and fear generated recently around the Gulf oil spill. The messages we are getting are to not go into fear – to stay in Joy and Love and that this will heal the planet. Can you set the record straight for our pod mates? They want to know what they should be doing and how they can help this situation.

This oil spill is a terrible state of affairs. We have heard the cries from our brothers in that region. They are afraid and don’t know what to do. Their home is being destroyed. We hope that they will be able to move to safer areas and find food in a new place. It is a very sad thing for all beings in the Gulf.

Now you ask me about what you can do. Being angry and fearful will do no good whatsoever. It is a waste of your energy and will just make things worse. You can’t make peace by waging war, and you can’t heal the earth through fear and anger. We cetaceans do not waste our time or energy on blaming, anger, judging or resentment. You should learn these lessons.

This is a very difficult time on the planet. We are all being tested to see how we will respond to difficult situations, and this is the most difficult we have seen in some time. You can choose fear and anger and keep your vital energy low. You can fall into the dark depths and remain there. 

Or, you can choose love and joy and send those vibrations to the Gulf. Do not expect that there will be a miracle over night, but if enough people continue to hold the vision of a bright, clean, shining sea, eventually that will appear. So, send light and love and joy, to the water, to the creatures in the water, to the oil, to the people trying to stop the oil, to the people trying to clean up the oil, to the people affected by the oil, to the earth itself. Love will heal all in due time if enough love is sent. That is a law of this universe.

So, do not give up in despair. Do not send negative vibrations. Send only love and light, and include yourself in that transmission. We all need some love and light. The only way to change the energy and consciousness of this planet is to change your self. Each person that raises their field will affect others and so it goes. It all begins with you. So choose your team carefully and support each other in living in love and light and shining that out whenever and wherever you can. And if you need help, call upon us, the cetaceans and we will help you in any way we can.

February 6, 2010

Granny, there is a man named Dr. Emoto who has studied the way that water crystallizes and how it is influenced by our thoughts. Do you know anything about this?

Certainly. Thoughts can influence anything, but especially water. We (the whales) send loving thoughts and energy to the water all the time. It is how we help it stay clean. If we were not doing this, the water would be a mess. Of course, there are not enough of us to reverse all the damage. It would help a lot if humans would also do this. Many of the other sea creatures do it as well.

I have for many years, co-sponsored a day where humans do just that. We go to the shore and send love and healing vibrations. Do you remember when we talked about this a few years ago?

Oh yes, that is right. I do remember, and I remember that we could feel the energy and the changes in the Puget Sound after that. You should remind people to do it every day, not just once a year. We need this support all the time, and since we are in the water, we also gain benefit from your vibrations and blessings.